Pure Kona Coffee Brands – Why 100% Famous?

BEST: 100% Pure Kona Coffee Brands

The famous 100% Pure Kona Coffee Beans comes from the Kailua Kona region of the “Big Island” of Hawaii. Most of the pure Kona coffee brand farms are smalls, only around 5 acres and are family owned and operated coffee brands.

pure kona coffee

The coffee berry picking time extends from August until December and is done by hand. The hand picking ensures that only the ripe berries are harvested and the rocky terrain really does not lend itself to mechanical pickers – fortunately for us coffee drinkers. The rest of the season is upkeep time, spent on taking care of the trees. Pruning, planting, spreading the compost, caring for the processing machinery and so forth.

Pure Kona Coffee Brands

The family-owned farms produce the best coffees because the families watch the whole growing cycle from planting to harvesting. This ensures that you get only the ripe beans, hand picked and sun dried. If you buy from an individual farm or roaster you bypass processors, brokers, shippers, handlers, storage for who knows how long and the specialty stores that never seem to have your coffee in stock. As you know everyone has to make some money so if you buy direct you cut out a lot of middle people and lower the price you pay plus getting fresh roasted Kona coffee.

The various 100% Kona Coffee Brands show individual subtleties in taste, aroma and texture on the tongue. Most have a hint of chocolate but remain a mellow coffee at all times. All have a less bitter bite than the cheaper blends you get commercially. The Kona region has been compared to the Champagne region of France making 100% Pure Kona Coffee Brands the Champagne of coffee. In case you loved this information and you wish to receive more info about 100% Pure Kona Coffee kindly visit our own website.

Best Region for 100% Pure Kona Coffee Brands

The Pure Kona Coffee region is distinguished from most other coffee growing regions by its ideal growing conditions and the tremendous care the families take each step of the growing, harvesting, processing cycle. Each of the processes from pruning the trees, the hand picking the ripe berries, washing and sun drying, grading the 100% Kona Coffee Beans to stringent standards and the roasting and packaging is carefully watched to assure you of the best-tasting coffee you have ever had.

BEST: 100% Pure Kona Coffee Brands